May 29 - June 3, Petaluma, CA
Join us for an adventure of learning, healing, awakening, and deep community
This is THE Big Event of The Shift Network in 2011,
where we will be activating leaders for the exciting work ahead of us.
Featuring top leaders of transformation: Click photo for full bio
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Grandmother Flordemayo
Joan Borysenko
Stanislav Grof
James O'Dea
Sequoyah Trueblood
Dean Radin
Gordon Davidson
Corinne McLaughlin
Stephen Dinan
Devaa Haley Mitchell
Anodea Judith
Saniel Bonder
Linda Groves-Bonder
Ariel Spilsbury
Elayne Doughty
Sarah Eden Davis
Mz. imani
And special music performers:

Are you called to play a leadership role in the most important Shift of our times? Have you been drawn to The Shift Network’s vision for 2012 and beyond and feel like you want to give your greatest gifts in its manifestation? If so, we want you at The Shift Retreat to become co-creators with us.

Our highly experiential five-day retreat for serious change agents will activate every level of your body, mind, and soul. You will be served through a deep journey that will help you awaken to a full-spectrum sacred life, one that is filled with joy, magic, and service to the larger changes of our day.

Daily you'll engage with the foremost visionaries, change agents, and evolutionary catalysts of today, all helping you to understand the extraordinary birth humanity is undergoing and how you can play your highest role. They will each offer their deepest insights and practical guidance to help you expand your mind, open your heart, and express your soul's greatest gifts.

The week's journey will be woven into a cohesive narrative that connects to the larger Shift of our day by conscious evolution pioneer Barbara Marx Hubbard, Stephen Dinan and Devaa Haley Mitchell of The Shift Network. You’ll join us in going deeper into the vision for Birth 2012 (a planetary Birth Day on Dec. 22nd, 2012), a Summer of Peace in 2012, and more, discovering how you can bring your skills and gifts forward to serve humanity’s deepest needs.

Each day will build upon the other as you dive deeper into a powerful and supportive community. At the end of the five days, you'll come away with a roadmap for how you can live your most fulfilling life and express your greatest gifts in these awakening times, as well as collaborate most effectively with others in The Shift Network.

  • For your body, we'll have delicious healthy cuisine, daily yoga, devotional kirtan, and SoulCare time with Joan Borysenko, one of the foremost mind-body-spirit physicians in the world. You'll also be able to enjoy the peace and natural beauty of the Earthrise 100-acre campus.
  • For your heart, we'll have healing and empowerment circles, and a forgiveness ritual, as well as learn the deep skills of peacemaking with James O'Dea. To clear old patterns and stuck energies, we'll experience the power of Holotropic Breathwork after hearing from founder Stanislav Grof
  • For your visionary mind, you'll learn from some of today's foremost evolutionary pioneers, including Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dean Radin (Senior Scientist of the Institute of Noetic Sciences), Stanislav Grof (a founder of transpersonal psychology), Anodea Judith (author of Waking the Global Heart), Gordon Davidson & Corinne McLaughlin (Center for Visionary Leadership) and a special presentation from The Shift Network founder Stephen Dinan on The Shift and Vision 2012.
  • For your soul, we'll have teachings and ceremony with Grandmother Flordemayo (of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers) and Sequoyah Trueblood, devotional song, daily meditation, and a ritual with Ariel Spilsbury, as well as the powerful Waking Down in Mutuality teachings of Saniel Bonder & Linda Groves-Bonder.

And on Thursday night, we'll create a musical extravaganza with Sarah EDEN Davis - a rising mystic pop star, and Devaa Haley Mitchell, whose new album Sacred Alchemy is attracting high praise.

The Shift Network leaders Stephen Dinan and Devaa Haley Mitchell will personally facilitate the full week’s journey, weaving together the guidance, ideas, and support, so that you come away with clarity and next steps for creating the highest vision for your life.

Throughout the week you’ll have time at meals and in groups to connect more deeply with pioneers around our shared visions for 2012 and beyond, giving you a larger purpose within which your own gifts can be given. We recognize that now is the time in which we all need to learn how to work together to accomplish far greater things than we can alone.

This is an opportunity to give yourself the gift of a lifetime and become part of a global team manifesting extraordinary things for our world.

Please note: This event is limited to the first 100 registrants due to space limitations and to create the most intimate and supportive community possible.

  • Learn how to live in a full-spectrum sacred way that is more juicy and alive.
  • Receive support for finding your soul’s purpose and creating work that is fully in alignment with your greatest gifts.
  • Activate another level of awakening to your full Self.
  • Develop a roadmap for making your deepest contributions in the years ahead.
  • Clear limiting beliefs, patterns, and ideas from your mind and body.
  • Develop practices that feed and sustain every part of your life.
  • Build a rich, supportive community of 100 other visionaries and leaders from around the world committed to being the change.
  • Learn the latest insights and research from top thinkers and scientists on the nature of our reality and how we can transform.
  • Understand how we can co-create a larger Shift for our world in the years ahead.

Video message from The Shift Network founder Stephen Dinan

Dear friends,

Our moment has arrived.

It's humanity's time to turn the ship from our current course towards the extraordinary new world that is being born. It's a world based on sacred principles, deeper connection, and greater wisdom. It's a world of abundance, peace, sustainability, and creativity.

That world is ours to create. And we are excited to co-create this vision with you.

I believe this decade will be seen as the time that produced the greatest Shift ever made in humanity's long history. However, there are no guarantees that Shift will happen, for it requires all of us to come together in ways we've never done before, to fully activate our greatest potential and give our greatest gifts.

That's why we're bringing you The Shift Retreat now. It's designed to bring you the most innovative leaders of this evolutionary leap, give you their most important insights and practices, and then prepare you to BE the change that we all want to see in the world. We're weaving these leaders into an integrated journey that offers full-spectrum transformation, healing, and fun.

We're designing this Retreat for serious change agents who are ready to step up and take transforming themselves and the world to another level. This is for people who want to lead the way forward. If this is you, then I highly encourage you to lock in your space now.

Never before has there been a retreat that integrates and synthesizes the wisdom of as many of the most exciting, innovative, loving, and powerful evolutionary leaders of today, as well as gives you the essential tools and practices needed to shift to a more sacred, joyful way of life.

It is time. And this Retreat offers you access to the visionary thinking, the deepest practices, and the most profound support and inspiration available. Please join us for what is promising to be our most important event of 2011 and the place where we will collectively ignite extraordinary contributions for 2012 and beyond.

In spirit,
Stephen Dinan

Approximate Schedule (still subject to change)

Sunday the 29th

4:00 Registration Opens
6:00 Welcoming Dinner
7:00 Barbara Marx Hubbard, Stephen Dinan & Devaa Haley Mitchell - Opening
7:30 Sacred Ceremony with Grandmother Flordemayo & Imani

Monday the 30th

Morning Meditation & Yoga
9:00 Grandmother Flordemayo (bio): Circle
9:45 Anodea Judith (bio): Waking the Global Heart
11:00 Stephen Dinan (bio) and Barbara Marx Hubbard (bio): The Shift and Vision2012
2:00 Joan Borysenko (bio): Principles of SoulCare
7:30 Stanislav Grof (bio): Introduction to Holotropic Breathwork

Tuesday the 31st

Morning Meditation & Yoga
9:00 Holotropic Breathwork, Experiential Session 1
1:30 Holotropic Breathwork, Experiential Session 2
5:00 Sharing groups
8:30 Devotional singing evening with Devaa Haley Mitchell & Friends

Wednesday the 1st

Morning Meditation & Yoga
9:00 Dean Radin (bio): The Latest Frontier Science
10:30 Gordon Davidson (bio) & Corinne McLaughlin (bio): Becoming a Practical Visionary
2:00 Devaa Haley Mitchell (bio) & Elayne Doughty (bio): Soulful Living: Stepping into a Bigger, Brighter, More Meaningful Life
3:00 Barbara Marx Hubbard (bio): Evolutionary Metamorphosis Towards a Planetary Birth Experience
7:45 Ritual Ceremony with Ariel Spilsbury (bio) and Devaa Haley Mitchell (bio)

Thursday the 2nd

Morning Meditation & Yoga
9:00 Saniel Bonder (bio) & Linda Groves-Bonder (bio): Waking Down in Mutuality
10:45 Group time focused on making your greatest contribution
2:00 James O'Dea (bio): Planetary Peacemaking
4:30 Sequoyah Trueblood (bio): Wisdom Circle
7:30 Musical celebration featuring: Sarah EDEN Davis and band (bio) + Devaa Haley Mitchell and band

Friday, the 3rd

Morning Meditation & Yoga
9:00 Ceremony with James O'Dea and Sequoyah Trueblood
10:30 Barbara Marx Hubbard, Stephen Dinan & Devaa Haley Mitchell: Activating our Soul's Purpose
11:30 Closing Ritual
12:00 Lunch

“I truly believe the Shift Network is playing a leading role in realigning the consciousness of humanity with the natural evolution of the planet, so that we may eventually pave the way for future generations to live more sustainable lives and to be at peace.” -Andi S.

“The Shift Network has made a quantum leap in bringing together the awakened leadership of our time. Thank you!” Dr. Jai T. (Seminar and conference organizer for over 20 years)

“The Shift Network ‘vehicle’ of connecting with exceptional leaders, and exceptional participants, in this time of transition, is an inspired gift to our emerging future.” -Linda S.

“If you feel a deep yearning in your heart and are ready to evolve to the next level of consciousness, this is for you. Barbara Marx Hubbard’s incomparable power in guiding people into essential self, combined with the structure created by The Shift Network, has given birth to a curriculum, lifting individual and collective consciousness forever.” -Anne K.

“Barbara Marx Hubbard has become the voice for conscious evolution in our times.”- Deepak Chopra

"I've met a lot of teachers, healers, and leaders in my years on the speaking circuit. When I wanted to dive deeper with my work and share from a new level of vulnerability, I turned to Devaa. She helped me lead from my authenticity, connect with my depth, and open in ways that proved energizing and effective. Her support enabled me to go to a whole new level in my public presentation and bring new qualities to my leadership. She helped me in a million ways that I cannot even describe. I am blessed by her presence. Thank you Devaa!”
~ Marci Shimoff, Best-Selling author with over 14 million books sold, including Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul and Happy for No Reason

“I cannot say enough good things about Stephen's energy, awareness, spirit, eloquence and graciousness. He is a master at what he is doing.”

“The two courses I have taken from The Shift Network have been extremely stimulating and moved me into my next evolution as a human. Barbara Marx Hubbard is a stimulating, inspiring teacher who lives her teaching and gathers momentum around her to help others do the same. Her vision of a world that can and will come to Peace is a vision dear to my heart. James O'Dea brings the skills of a peacemaker. Taking the two courses together was demanding and well worth the effort. I highly recommend their offerings.”

“When I met Devaa, I was trying to figure out my next steps, I wasn't clear on my direction, and I was scared. Together we explored my professional and personal strengths and my connection to Source. Devaa’s guidance supported me to find my confidence and authentic power. Her deep wisdom, patient listening, and reflecting were instrumental in my personal process. The work we did has encouraged my heart to stay open and fearless, beginning afresh, every day. I am very grateful. Thank you Devaa!!"
- Annabella R.

Make your deposit now to lock in your place while they are still available!

Price: $2687

This is an all-inclusive price that includes 3 delicious, nutritious meals each day, special events, and double occupancy lodging (add $125 for single room, while available) - all at a stunningly beautiful and peaceful retreat setting.

Retreat Location: EarthRise Retreat Center at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, CA (view location here, best airports are Oakland and San Francisco, CA)

Q: Can you tell me about the Community Site?

A: We will have a private community for all the participants in this Retreat, which will support you in keeping the connections between each other, sharing insights, engaging discussions, networking, and exchanging information about events and other activities. You'll have the ability to blog about your ongoing experiences, practices, and growth.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: If you pay for the retreat and need to cancel by April 30th, you can receive your money back minus the non-refundable deposit of $897. Due to the hard costs of a live retreat gathering, we are unable to offer any refunds past May 1, 2011. Send refund requests to

Q: What are the benefits of telling my friends to join the program?

A: You can sign up as an Affiliate of The Shift Network and receive 20% for anyone that you introduce who registers for the Retreat. If you bring five friends into the Retreat, you can cover your own! Register at and you'll receive a promotional link to use.

Q: Are there scholarships available?

A: There will be a few partial scholarships, including for those youth leaders, as well as people willing to provide staff support. Since we have a hard limit on the number of participants at the retreat site, we won’t have space for full scholarships. Let know if you would like to be considered.

Q: If I have any further questions, how can I reach Customer Support?

Email: or call us at (415) 439-0003.